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WASHINGTON , December 22,1942.

AIRCRAFT WOODWORK                                                    Paragraphs

SECTION I .  General____________________________________ 1

I I .               Characteristics of wood______________________ 2-9

I I I .              Lumber and plywood_______________________ 10-16

I V .              Glue and hardware_________________________17-22

V.                 Hand tools________________________________23-42

VI.                Woodworking machines and operations_______ 43-52

VII.                Construction and repair of wooden aircraft_____ 53-64

INDEX______________________________________________page 146



1. General.--a. Recent developments in methods of fabricating wooden aircraft and wooden aircraft parts have eliminated some of the major objections to the use of wood as an aircraft. structural material.

As a result, wood is now being used extensively in the construction of certain types of aircraft, especially light training and reconnaissance aircraft, and also for gliders.

This manual is intended for use as a guide in the repair and maintenance of aircraft employing wood as a structural material.

b. The information included in this manual is to be construed as of a general nature and should not be regarded as a substitute for specific instructions in Technical Orders, specifications, manufacturers’ hand books, or other authoritative sources. Methods of construction naturally will vary with different types of aircraft, as will the various repair and maintenance procedures. Accordingly, manufacturing specifications and Technical Orders should be adhered to when such are provided.

Only approved types of materials should be used and all repairs should conform to original design requirements with respect to strength, mechanical operation, and other factors which contribute to the general airworthiness of the aircraft.

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