CHINDI means "Devil in Navaho

I just wanted to design a sexy airplane that could be built by the average plans builder for under $10,000.00 less engine and instruments.. Besides, I promised my wife a ride in a purple airplane.

It won't be a 300 MPH monster, but it will look like one. It will use a standard airfoil and have a design stall of around 50-60 knots with a top end of 150+ mph.

I would like to design it around a auto-V6 of about 125-150 HP. If it ends up heavy I'll just stick a V-8 in it. If you haven't read Richard Finch's book, 

Auto Engines For Experimental Aircraft, ISBN 0-9661457-1-2, go to your library and get it.

The construction method is similar to the one I used on my MOASI aircraft. I've learned so much from building MOASI that I believe that the

construction time and cost can be half of the normal fiberglass kit plane. I've started on the blue prints.

My concept is to have a basic airframe that can be customized to fit your taste.

There will be a straight wing, (P-51 look) and a round wing, (Spitfire look). The wings will be the builders choice and shouldn't affect the performance much.