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Well, it's finally starting to look like an airplane.

The left side is primed with a bare metal primer. 

The next step is to sand it out and put on the yellow base coat. Then I can start with some custom painting.

The left door has been fitted and is ready to paint and put the hinge on.

I added two 7/8" windshield support tubes to help absorb the impact forces of one of the millions of Canadian Geese that live around here.

I also realized that bending the Plexiglas around the side of the fuselage was going to be a real pain, so I took some old Alum. door moldings and made a new windshield frame. Now the windshield should bend a lot better.

You can also see the finished cowling mount that goes around the firewall. The firewall is 0.026 steel computer cases glued and screwed to the plywood.