This is an early version of the MOASI II fuselage layout.

The entire assembly is constructed out of 1/2" - 3/8" - 1/4" plywood. This fuselage can be cut out and assembled in a couple of weekends.

As you can see the entire fuselage has interlocking wood joints. You can't screw the assembly up.

Additional support is added using of the shelf 1 2" X 1 2" aluminum brackets where needed..

The entire fuselage weighs about 150 lbs with hardware and tail assembly. Max gross weight for the fuselage will be around 2400 lbs. That's a very good strength to weight ratio. The actual design gross weight will be 1200 Lbs for the entire aircraft.

The design load will be +6 and -4 G's

After the plywood fuselage has been assembled you cut 1/2" foam to fill the cutouts, add foam to make the outside contours and cover with 0.013 Aluminum.

In a couple of months you can be sitting in a complete fuselage making airplane noises.